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Exterior, Grounds & Landscaping, Deck, Driveway


Exterior, Grounds & Landscaping, Deck, Driveway

Summary: Low maintenance and mature landscaping featuring many unusual varieties of plants, decorative driveway that can easily fit a large RV and boat, and a spacious deck make for fantastic curb appeal and many enjoyable summer days outside.

Yard - Driveway - Deck - Fence - Unique Features


Yard & Landscaping

Large front and side yard with new landscaping; very low maintenance (little grass). The professionally-installed small line of chainlink fence on the south side has gorgeous English Ivy and beautiful silver lace vine which will veil the fence entirely over a season.


Established maple trees along southwest side for summer shade.

South side

All new blackened topsoil in the side garden by the house.

Champagne Grapes on a trellace, many Clematis vines on trellaces, and other flowering plants such as roses and bulbs (Tulip, Iris, Daffodil).

Contorted filbert and other artistically bonsai-ed" shrubs.

Plenty of hostas and ferns in the shade.

Smoke bush, Magnolia and local plants at the driveway.

Established maple and elm trees and other local plants provides summer shade to the house. The space provides many options.

Two beautiful Blood Japanese maple trees and a lovely arched arbor.

All former trees crowding the property have been removed and the stumps ground out, with much of the soil replaced with top soil, so gardening is a cinch.

North side

A tall cedar hedge separates the house from the north neighbour. This is not only very attractive but provides excellent privacy. Some photos do not reflect this tasteful improvement.


There is ample space beside the shop where an old garage once stood. It was removed to make room for a new, better garage but the land could easily be transformed into a garage, RV storage, dog yard or vegetable patch. Currently there is a mint patch and a lovely privacy fence in addition to the newly seeded grass. (This space previously housed a 16' wide gymnastics trampoline with ample room around it)


Gorgeous and artistic concrete driveway allows for parking for 6 vehicles and makes snow removal a breeze!

Walkway to side of the driveway makes lovely use of pavers in ornamental swirling patterns. Further pavers beside the house makes a nice side patio area. One large diamond shape constructed of pavers in the center of the driveway makes a creative statement and matches the same shape painted into the rear deck.



20.5' x 18' wood deck; stained to match the home. The center features an artistic reddish diamond shape same colour as all doors and gates, incorporating the pretty decorative paver work in the driveway.

The deck provides sunny spot during summer days and a cool location for outside suppers as it is located on the east side of the house away from the hot evening sun.



A quality cedar fence insulates the back lane and back yard and deck from neighbours, providing a private santuary. Two tall and lockable man-gates on either side of the workshop and shed make lane access easy and provide added security and privacy.

The solid cedar fence panels were custom-made for us in Enderby at a small cedar mill. Professional builders were hired to install the solid cedar fence posts deep in concrete and to add the decorative cedar lattice trim on top. Prior to installation, the posts, panels and lattice was brush-stained (not sprayed) indoors and fully cured before installation.

The effect is brilliant. The tall fencing provides fantastic privacy (visual and for sound) and keeps pets and children safe.

The two driveway vehicle gates (opening of approximately 14') is on wheels and has strong matching wrought-iron style hinges and latches. The continuity of fence panels to auto-gates is simple and doesn't stand ohe extra wide opening creates plenty of room to maneuver large vehicles and "toys" in and out of the spacious parking.

Last winter a friend kept her 30' RV and 20' boat in the driveway, gate closed, for safe and secure storage.


Unique Features

The exterior matching black heritage-style lantern lights on front and rear of home are all new. The front door has a matching storm door with screen for improved insulation in winter and fresh air in summer months.

The tatefully painted two-tone green stucco with beautiful orange coloured doors and gates, neutral beige window and door trim and bright white windows with oil rubbed bronze and black wrought iron hardware and oramental metalwork create a classic heritage pallette. Contrasted with the deep brown on the fences and trellaces, the effect is rich and timeless.

The home stands out with rich warmth and colour even on the darkest, snowy winter days with no foliage.

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Springtime beauty in late February.

Late-night summer deck entertaining


Magnolia by the driveway

Outside the Den/Bedroom 5

An early spring lawn

Blueberry Blossoms...

Blueberries a month later!

Two gates provide convenient lane access.

Three mature and well-maintained (by professional arborists) trees enhance the property. Here we see springtime foliage.

Fenced yard and windows to keep an eye on little ones playing

Springtime Japanese Maple buds...

Springtime Japanese Maple leaves

Look at that magestic Autum foliage (it even matches the house)

Wisteria imported from Seattle, WA survives winters in this protected location.

Lots of Clematis vines to enjoy

Whimsical mature tree canopy for summer shade

Peony Power!


North Side of the house in spring before a quick leaf-blowing.


Clematis at the deck. This vine is clipped in the spring and grows to this point in only a few short weeks before the first of two blooms.





Gated straberry patch

Hundreds of strawberries come each year!

You could golf on this fertilized lawn...

Front man gate with wrought iron decorations (all gates have this matching decoration)

Morning sunlight

New cedars by the deck will provide privacy soon

These grapes have a trellis now

Mature trees and shed trusses provide a perfect hammock spot!


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Be sure to see the extensive photo gallery on our Facebook Page:

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