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Living Room & Office Nook

Dining Room



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Exterior, Grounds & Landscaping, Deck, Driveway


Dining Room

13'7" x 9'

Summary: Rich colour and classic lighting create a elegant ambience for entertaining guests or simply enjoying meals with family.

Walls & Floors - Windows - Built-In Cabinetry/Pantry - Fixtures - Unique Features


Walls & Floors

Walls freshly painted in Benjamin Moore's incredible red "Louisiana Hotsauce" (pearl finish).

Quality vinyl flooring in realistic tile pattern has many guests convinced it is true tile. Very easy to maintain, hides any possible damage or (ha ha) dirt!

New white floor moldings.

* We previously had a 6' 7" long table with an extending leaf and the dining room still had ample room to seat the 8 people.



North-facing window provides view of attractive cedars and is very private. White window trim. Finished with a white roll blind and a sheer half-curtain.

A second stained glass window: See Unique Features


Built-in Cabinetry/Pantry

It's like another set of kitchen cabinets! Six linear feet of floor-to-ceiling bright white and glass cabinetry and drawers. There are six large shelf cabinets and six drawers. That's 48 cubic feet of organized storage. All drawers and doors have soft-close mechanisms.

Glass shelves. Lighting inside the cabinets tied in with dining table light, or can be turned off from inside the cabinet. Glass doors has removable frosted window filter (applied with water, no sticky residue to remove).

Power plugs inside the cabinetry to allow a place to plug in electronic devices, small appliances, etc.

Unlike many homes with small pantries or junk drawers, this additional pantry makes a difference.



BLUE or White shades. Updated fixture.

Compact fluorescent bulbs and save on energy consumption.

Phone jack conveniently located beside a tiled and brick half-wall, which can be used to place a phone, fax machine and message pads.


Unique Features

Ample room for dining set and deep freezer, if desired.

Stained Glass Window

High quality custom-made 16" x 43" stained glass window (lead came) on north wall in mostly yellow and beveled glass. The yellow corresponds nicely to the walls in the adjacent living room and other rooms throughout the house. Fern-like "glue chip" glass in the background [which is also used in the kitchen and other stained glass] lets in soft daylight. Behind this window is a double-paned argon energy efficient window.

Arch & Nook

A classic wall arch adorns the hallway entrance between dining room and hallway to the bathroom, pantry and rear deck. The arch was added to subtly incorporate the rounded arch theme already present in the living room brickwork and in other areas.

The nook wall is an ideal location for a buffet table, china cabinet or as a place to install shelving. The owners kept their fish tank in the nook and enjoyed watching the fish during meals. The nook wall would also be an ideal location for a framed print or artwork as the track lighting would display it nicely.

A classic white beam runs through the center of the ceiling in the living and dining rooms.

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