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Exterior, Grounds & Landscaping, Deck, Driveway


Downstairs Den/Bedroom #5

8'4" x 9'8" - Hallway beside 9'10" x 3'7"

Summary: Dark engineered handscraped hardwood flooring, ample lighting and classy touches including wide French door entrance creates a versatile space.

Walls & Floors - Windows - Lighting - Unique Features


Walls & Floors

As with most of the home, the walls are freshly painted in "Nacho Cheese," a classic warm classic colour. All paint is pearl for easy clean-up.

New white floor moldings. Large new argon window and 4' of French doors trimmed with white wood moldings.

White crown mouldings, as in hallway.

* Note the room has space for a double or even Queen bed, or a piano if the room were to resume as a music studio.



A large south-facing window looks out into the beautiful garden space. In summer the walls are nearly green as it filters through the elm tree and many plants outside.

New argon windows completed with trim and cellular shades as in all other rooms.



Four full spectrum panels (8 bulbs) are inset within the ceiling, no height is sacrificed.

A beautifully painted newer chandelier hangs under a medallion off to one side. A decorative ceiling arch houses directional spot lights, best for artwork on the walls.

An addional light switch by the window controls lighting on the far wall, which can be installed in a variety of ways. Previously it was used for a home music studio desk space.


Unique Features


Bright lighting is inset-within the ceiling, allowing for maximum height.

Crown mouldings.

Heritage-style crystal chandellier with medallian. Also directional pot lights on intriguing arched ceiling work.

Extra sound insulation (as it was previously a music room) in the ceiling. Plywood behind the drywall in the pocket door walls so artwork and shelving can be hung.


The exterior wall at the window is framed for an exterior door, should you ever decide to add a carport or garage to the side of the home.

Numerous electrical outlets. This room has its own circuit, as it once functioned as a home music studio with a high-powered printer and computer equipment. As with other rooms there is a network jack that allows you to easily connect multiple computers to a cable or dsl internet connection.

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