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Living Room & Office Nook

Dining Room



Den/Bedroom 5




Master Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

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Heated Shop/ Guesthouse & Storage

Exterior, Grounds & Landscaping, Deck, Driveway


7080 50th St NE
Canoe, BC, Canada


SOLD at Asking Price

Thank you to all the interested parties.



About Private Sale:

Many home-buyers are unaware a realtor is not required to purchase a home. Buying directly from the actual owner saves everyone money and is preferred by some buyers.
Having had our home in the same family since it was built also means our buyer benefits from all the knowledge and history, information no realtor could possibly provide.
As for paperwork, all legal paperwork is still handled by a lawyer or notary, just as it would be done when dealing through a realtor.
We choose to sell privately to spare the $15,000 and more in commissions that would have been built into a higher purchase price with a realtor and to connect personally with our buyers on a grass-roots level.
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