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Living Room & Office Nook

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Den/Bedroom 5




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Exterior, Grounds & Landscaping, Deck, Driveway


Bedroom #2

8.5' x 14'

Summary: Vaulted ceiling and clerestory windows enhance this neutral room which can serve as a bedroom/guest room, home office, TV/family room or any other space you wish to create.

Walls & Floors - Windows - Storage - Unique Features


Walls & Floors

Walls freshly painted in a clean, neutral navajo white. It's a blank canvas waiting for inspiration!

New laminate flooring in unstained "maple." Trimmed with new white moldings.

5-double electrical outlets, 2 of which are powered by main light switch for controlling bed stand or torch lighting.

As with other rooms there is a network jack that allows you to easily connect multiple computers to a cable or dsl internet connection.



One large 5' x 3' north-facing window provides a view of Mount Bastion and the beautiful 100-year-old elm tree on the neighbour's property.

Window completed as all others in the house.



Two closets, both in the hallway, can service this bedroom. The large walk-in is located just outside the door. Or add an armoire in the far corner. There are plenty of options as the room has very high ceilings [more info].

*Note the room has generous space for a queen bed; a king would still fit manageably due to the depth of the room.


Unique Features


No boring boxy, square rooms in this house! Each upstairs room in the home features a distinctive angled ceiling. The bedroom's ceiling is lofty, reaching a height of an impressive 10 feet at its peak. Loft or bunk beds would fit perfectly with these high ceilings. Walls join at intriguing and creative angles, making this home a treat for the eyes.

Clerestory Window

5 1/2 linear feet of 2' tall clerestory windows (vertical skylight or a row of windows above eye level that allow light into a space. Clerestories provide light without distractions of a view or compromising privacy). The clerestory windows illuminate this room during daylight hours.

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