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Summary: Built-in cabinetry and closet, fully restored antique cast-iron claw foot tub, a one-of-a-kind artistic ceiling medallion and gorgeous new wall to wall and floor tile work create an elegant spa-like refuge.

Walls & Floors - Windows - Fixtures - Storage - Unique Features


Walls & Floors

Newly installed timeless large adobe-inspired porcelain floor tiles and coffee grout. A uniqueand tasteful raised area for tub and toilet breaks up the space nicely.

Newly tiled walls in ivory and occasional off-white tiles with white grout for added artistry.

Drywall areas freshly painted in the same classic Benjamin Moore "Nacho Cheese" as most other rooms. Fresh paint on ceiling and clerestory windows.

New white floor moldings and delicate crown moldings up above and around the walls and built-in cabinetry.

A huge 6' x 3' mirror encompassing much of the far wall visually enlarges and brightens the space considerably.



8 linear feet of 2' tall clerestory windows (vertical skylight or a row of windows above eye level that allow light into a space. Clerestories provide light without distractions of a view or compromising privacy). The clerestory windows illuminate this room during daylight hours and provide an excellent space to keep house plants healthy.

Small window on north wall provides view of Bastion Mountain. Finished with white cellular blinds, same as the rest of the house.



Newly enameled 5-foot white deluxe antique claw foot tub with brand new antique-style chrome faucet.

New sink vanity including new round white porcelain sink, new Peerless one-handed child-friendly chrome faucet and updated formica countertop surface in "seasoned corkboard" to perfectly match the flooring.

New eco-efficient, dual flush whitee European style toilet.

Vanity lighting is the classic row of 4 clear, round bulbs. Ceiling lighting is lower wattage for relaxing or romantic evenings in the tub (see "Unique Features").

All updated metal towel racks in classic white finish. Antique white ceramic knobs on all cabinetry add to the classic heritage feel to this deluxe bathing room.



Plenty of storage. White painted wood sink vanity features under counter storage and three small drawers.

A tall, bi-fold closet [ 2' wide by 13" deep] features 7 shelves of space and updated bifold doors.

A woman's dream: a separate vanity area with three shelves [3'7" wide by 19" deep]. Four medium sized [ 17" x 15" x 5"] and one large [3'2" x 15" x 11"] bottom drawer provide ample space for makeup, supplies and misc household items. At one point this area served as a very conveninet baby changing table location!


Unique Features

A stunning 4-foot "medallion" circular ceiling light fixture with white lantern on the slanted ceiling is an incredible focal point of this restful space. The lantern adds soft light for relaxing in the tub. The medallion fixture is visible from the outside hallway with the door open and receives frequent praise by guests.

An ingenious custom-made tri-mirror medicine cabinet is recessed into the wall so the mirror doors close flush with the tiled wall behind it.

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